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The original artwork of VizslArt Designs is created by Amy Bowden, an artist and a vizsla owner. Some pieces simply celebrate the love of dogs, while others cater to a specific dog event: agility, obedience, hunting, or showing. Whatever your interest, you don't have to be a vizsla owner to enjoy these designs! There is something for all dog-lovers here.
Please check back often; new designs are being added all the time!
Dog related designs (not breed-specific)
Vizsla breed related designs
Agility related designs
Hunting related designs
Obedience related designs
NEW! Rhodesian ridgeback designs


It's hard being this cute

A Dog's Devotion

Smile and the world smiles with you

Sweet eyes, touching quote
Wild Child

Keep On Truckin'

Born This Way

Gimme Food!
Love Life like a Vizsla
My Vizsla Rocks!
Red Hot Vizslas
Vizsla Multi-tasking
Vizslas are Solid Gold

Vizslas: Solid as a Rock
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Handles Like A Dream

We Got It All

Agility Freak!

Hit The Contacts

Agility Dogs Have More Fun
You Say "How High?"
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Get the Point? (classic)
Seek and Ye Shall Find
True Colors
Get the Point? (pop-art)
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Patience is a Virtue

Sit Happens
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I Heart My Rhodesian

Ridgeback Homeland Security
To see more ridgeback designs (and lure-coursing designs!),
please visit our new sister store,
Red Ridgie Designs

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